Monday, April 16, 2007

Welcome . . .

Packing lunches can be a chore: who gets peanut butter with jelly, and who wants just jelly? Who wants chips, and who wants sprouts? (I don't think any of our kids ever wanted sprouts!) Even though my lunch-packing days are mostly over, I still wake up some mornings wondering if I remembered to get grapes, or if I have change for milk money.
The one thing that made lunch-packing fun - at least for me - was the notes I tucked into those lunches. They were usually short, sometimes written on a napkin or the back of a form-letter from the junk mail recycling bin. "Hope that math test goes well" they would say, or "Just wanted you to know you are in my prayers today."
Sometimes they would simply remind one of the kids that "I'll have fresh cookies for you after school today."
It wasn't so much what the notes said in words as the message they carried: I sure love you. I'm thinking of you. I hope your day is going well. You're in my prayers. I'll be glad to see you when you get home.
Notes from home - something to remind you that you are loved, that someone cares how things are going for you, that someone is looking forward to seeing you.
Welcome to notes from home.


Julie said...

I remember those notes -- a great way to start lunch! Now I leave "I love you" notes for Jake and Laura in their lunches, and I always think of you.

Thanks for moving forward on your blog. What a treat! Love you.


megs said...

What a great way to start! I have always thought when my kids start school, I want to leave notes in their lunch!

Well, you've given me a new blog to check. I can't wait to see what comes.


Jane said...

I loved my lunch notes, too! I'm forwarding your blog to all my MOPS friends!

Dawn said...

I remember those notes...Jane had them, it was the HIGHLIGHT of lunch! Thanks
Dawn (Fiedler)Gibbs