Sunday, January 20, 2008

Savoring January

It's cold outside – the temperature is quivering around zero or just below – but the sun is shining so it doesn't seem quite so bad.

One of the women's magazines, probably Woman's Day, used to print a small feature called “Life-Savors.” I don't remember the author, but whoever it was simply noted some of the small things that make life lovely – the things we savor about our lives.

Here are some of mine this cold January morning:

*furnaces (and hot water heaters!) that work

*hot coffee, warm bread, and simmering soup

*small birds twittering in the holly bushes outside the living room window

*late afternoon sunshine slanting through the trees, crowning them with golden light

*Thomas Mangelsen's print, White River Aspens

*garden catalogs in the mail

*watching little ones playing with the blocks or the dollhouse

*a phone call from someone I love, just to chat

*a long afternoon with a good book

There are a lot of other wonderful things in our lives – what are some of your favorites this January?

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