Thursday, April 24, 2008

Questions, Not Answers

Four days into National Turn-Off-The-Television week and I have more questions than successes.
I've not turned on the television myself – except for one moment of panic – all week, and I've tried to ignore it when someone else in the house turns it on (that would be my husband, who declined to participate.)
But the questions are piling up: if I miss something on television, is it cheating if I watch it later, online?
How do I establish structure in my day without the orderly procession of television programs?
Why does a television set feel like company? To put it another way, why do I turn the television set on for company, when I'm not really watching what is on?
Why do I always tell myself I mostly watch public television? Don't I pay attention to just how much commercial television I'm actually watching?
Why isn't radio better?
So far I have a lot of questions. Not so many answers.


megs said...

Good questions Holly. If you figure out the answers, fill me in please!

I think when television becomes a "have to" and our schedules revolve around it, something is not quite in balance (I say this as an extremely guilty television watcher!).

Julie Kaiser said...

I'm proud of you, Mom. Good job. We survived but it was tough at the end. The whole experiment reminds me of something you told us often growing up: All things in moderation. Love you. Julie