Friday, May 9, 2008

Grey Days and a Cheerful Heart

We're having a cool rainy spring, which means a lot of grey days; it can be hard to keep a cheerful attitude under those circumstances.
I'm enjoying this weather, though. The cool weather has its own fragrance; the lilac bush and the lily of the valley perfume the air, and everything seems to have exploded into green. The cool weather also means the tulips aren't fading as quickly as they do some years, and the bluebells have been showing off for two full weeks, now.
Early every morning – even before the dog comes to put her face up on our bed – the songbird outside our window sings her welcome to the morning. How can she be so cheerful, so early?
“A cheerful heart does good, like medicine,” the proverb tells us. I remember reading that verse in a daily devotional when I was a grumpy little girl. (It might have been a grey spring then, too.)
It made me think that cheerfulness might be a choice. If that was true, I decided it might be a better choice than gloominess.
Since then I've learned that choosing to be cheerful isn't always easy, but it is worthwhile. It really does do me good to look for whatever is good and pure and worthy of honor. Choosing to be cheerful, choosing to find the good in people or in situations not quite to my liking – that makes life more satisfying.
There is something about being cheerful that strengthens us, I think.
Even on a grey, rainy day.

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