Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Comfort Lunch -- JELLO

I had Jello for lunch.
Big deal, you say?
Specifically, orange Jello with shredded carrot, made by a Mrs. Smith of Downs, Illinois. One of my daughters brought it home as a special treat from a local meat shop that sells deli salads and meats on the side.
Why a big deal, you ask?
First, of course, because my daughter brought it as a gift, and second, because I belong to The Jello Generation.
The Jello Generation transcends artificial divisions like The Greatest Generation or Baby Boomers. Those of us who grew up with mothers enchanted with Jello know what I'm talking about -- rainbow Jello salad. Strawberry Jello with bananas. Lime Jello with cottage cheese and pineapple.
Or orange Jello with mandarin oranges and whipped orange sherbet.
Jello for salad. Jello for dessert. Jello for fun (remember Jello cubes?) Even Jello with meat -- shrimp, or shredded pork, or chopped hot dogs . . .
Oh, sure, my son-in-law was laughing, but I didn't care.
I had Mrs. Smith's orange Jello with shredded carrot to comfort me.


Christina said...

That is so funny. My husband doesn't understand it, but I don't like jello. It hold no appeal to me, it seems like a non-food and I don't like the texture.

He on the other hand thinks of jello as comfort food--like you. Grew up eating it, thinks it it great.

Now a big bowl of mashed potatos...that is comfort to me.

Holly said...

I've not tried mashed-potato Jello, but hey -- maybe I'll give it a try :)

Anonymous said...

jello jigglers....but I like pudding...vanilla or banana....


Holly said...

Do you prefer your pudding in a bowl or in a pie, JS? :)