Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste . . .

I don't want to sound too paranoid, but I think I've uncovered a plot.
Sunday afternoon, I noticed my daughter was wearing a snowman sweater, and what had it been doing?
Right. Snowing.
I've been wondering if there was an explanation for all the snow this year, and especially this early spring snow. Spring is supposed to be the season of flowers, little green buds on trees, and warm weather. Not snow.
I hated to blame Sunday's snow on my daughter.
Imagine my surprise -- dismay, really -- when I found this little guy hanging around on my study door:

Here's my theory: all those decorative winter snowmen are responsible for the snow. I'm practically sure of it.
So, I've banished snowmen to a dark closet in the basement. I'll let them out again sometime early next winter, when snow sounds like a good idea again, but for now they have been retired.
Please join me in preventing them from causing any more snow showers.



Janie S. said...

All my snowmen are still sitting on the piano- I think they need to be banished as well. Thanks for the reminder!

Holly said...

Yes, please -- put them away! Put them away now! :)

JS said...

uhm, I think those snowmen need to come out next November. Or else.

Holly said...

All in good time . . . :)