Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Getting an Education

I like learning new things.
Last fall I joined a program through Greenville College to put together all the pieces I've accumulated over the years, and finish up a bachelor's degree in organizational leadership. My education is kind of like a quilt -- it's on the frame now, and I'm getting it all stitched up.
I'm spending even more time than before on my computer, but sometimes I have to admit I'm ready for something less intense than homework, like computer games.
This worries my BH. He remembers the first computer game I played, the one that worked on our old Atari. It was better than a vacation, and I'd escape into it until someone (usually someone who was hungry) made me stop.
Recently I found a website that combines education with fun, and throws in a really good cause as well: Free Rice. There are several different games here, including foreign language vocabulary, math, geography, and famous paintings. For each answer you get right, a grain of rice is donated to feed someone who is hungry. At first I thought one grain of rice doesn't sound like much, but then, I'm not usually all that hungry. And these games are fun, so usually the amount of rice adds up quickly. The other night I got all the way to 5,000 grains of rice. Then I had to get back to my real homework.
If you feel like challenging yourself and helping someone else at the same time, I encourage you to check it out!

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