Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veteran's Day, 2010: Thank You for Your Service . . .

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day, a day to recognize and honor the sacrifices of those who have taken on the responsiblity of serving in our Armed Forces.
It is not possible for us to understand fully what it means to leave civilian life behind, to exchange everyday life for the everyday risks our soldiers, sailors, and Marines face. How do we express our appreciation for what they do, when we don't always understand what they do, or how they do it?
We try. We'll put on parades; we'll wave the flag; we'll talk about sacrifice and duty. We'll do our best to let our veterans know we recognize what they've done, what they've given.
But maybe the best way to express our appreciation is to do it personally: do you know a veteran?
Just tell him or her: We appreciate your service to our country. Thank you.
It's that simple.

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