Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stormy Weather

Wow! How much longer can it storm like this?
I seem to have a talent for driving into severe storms, and I hate driving in hard rain. Last night as I was driving home the lightning flashed more and more intensely, until finally it seemed like a light someone had turned on. If I'd been willing to stop on the shoulder, I could have read a book!
As it was, I balanced slower, gas-saving driving with my great desire to get home before the storm actually hit, and made it home just a few minutes before the rain began pelting down.
Today it's been cloudy, breezy, warm, and now sunny, but there is a possibility of – you guessed it – storms later on.
How like life this is – some seasons seem to be one storm after another; it takes faith to keep going in the hope of getting home safely.
It makes me appreciate good weather all the more!

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