Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Green Beans and Celebrations . . .

Jane Kenyon's observation about sensible people is true – sensible people plan ahead for what they need. They prepare for their future. They do what needs to be done.

But I think the peonies, campanula, roses, lilies, astilbe, and bee balm she plants are also a sensible response to our human need for beauty and celebration.

We've just had a week-long celebration at our house. Not only did we enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving; we celebrated the marriage of our youngest son and his wife. It was a week of both green beans and peonies . . .

The house was full of family and friends, old and new. There was a non-stop feast of good food – turkey, salads, dressing, all kinds of relishes and vegetables, cookies, pies – shared over a table graced with flowers, candles, laughter and good conversation. Then there was the wedding, complete with lovely music, fragrant flowers, joy-filled faces. The reception was more good food, dancing to good music, renewing acquaintance with friends and family.

This morning it's back to green beans for us; almost everyone is back in their normal routine. The scent of the celebration lingers, though, just like the fragrance of flowers, and the day is better for it.

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