Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Soup Weather . . .

Soup weather is here.

You know, that just-beyond-chilly kind of day that requires something steaming and delicious smelling when you come in the door.

Whether it's a main course or just an appetizer, soup satisfies.

The only question is – what kind?


Vegetable soup – with meat, or without?

Tortilla soup?

Corn chowder?

Take the What's Your Favorite Soup poll at the right . . . you never know when a bowl might show up!


megs said...

Or my very favorite - Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice - YUM!!!

3834 Headwind Lane said...

I like brocolli cheese soup and chicken won ton. I also like jambalaya. Nothing beats a good hot bowl of spicy jamabalaya. Well, for dad and I anyway.