Monday, November 5, 2007

Handel on an Autumn Afternoon's Drive . . .

Yesterday I had to make an hour's drive in the middle of the afternoon. It was glorious, beautiful autumn weather, not too warm but not cold, either. Traffic was light, the road was good, and I put Handel's Messiah into the CD player.

It had been a difficult week – our beloved dog Meg died suddenly, unexpectedly, and we were devastated. A friend was sick with an undiagnosed ailment, an acquaintance died, a sudden work assignment came up, I realized I'd forgotten to return something to its proper place in the office, causing problems for someone else.

Somehow, the trip with Handel eased my sadness. Mary Byers is right: “music is another way to meet God.” The music, the words, Kathleen Battles's lovely voice – they worked together to soothe, to reassure, to lift my spirits. I was reminded that nothing surprises God, that not only does He have a plan – He is the plan.

Disappointment, grief, sadness are all so real, and one afternoon of music won't make them disappear. It just reminds me that I don't suffer them without hope.

And that's enough for now.


megs said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Meg. It is always hard to lose a dear friend.

I agree with you on music. We just had a worship night, that was organized by a few families in our church, Saturday night. I think good music can be a piece of heaven - a reminder of what is waiting for us at the end of this life. It brings great comfort!

I'll be praying for you this week!

Holly said...

Thanks, Meg!

Don't you and your family sing together? That's another way music is a blessing, I think.