Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another Good Read . . .

I'm reading Ken Follett's book The Pillars of the Earth, and I can hardly put it down! Originally published in 1989, this book tells the story of building a cathedral in Kingsbridge, and includes fascinating characters, enough history and background to make a reader feel as if she is right there, and enough suspense to keep me turning pages.

One of my favorite characters just died, and I feel as if I should send flowers or a card!

Follett tells the story bluntly, with scenes of graphic violence and sex (this isn't a book for the faint-hearted) and as my son-in-law Jack (who happens to be reading the same book!) said, “ How much more can these people take?”

It's a good reminder that life presents challenges to all of us, and that what matters is how we meet those challenges.

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