Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring is Coming

There is still snow on the ground but it's slushy, and the icicles gracing the garage roof are dripping. The little witch hazel John planted last fall isn't blooming yet but it's only a year old, so perhaps next spring . . .

Last week-end during a lull in the snowy weather, we clipped some forsythia branches and brought them in, put them in water, and now – they are in full bloom, brightening up the dining room like a vase of fresh sunshine.

I tucked a few left-over sprigs into a juice glass and they are blooming on the kitchen windowsill.

And this morning while we were having coffee, our little songbird trilled and sang, treating us to a ten minute concert at the living room window.

Spring is on its way, no matter what the snowy forecast says!

1 comment:

megs said...

Come on Spring - I'm ready! I've been hearing birds outside our window singing in the morning, making it feel like spring - until I step outside the front door anyway!