Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow Reflections . . .

All this snowy weather has slowed life down just a bit. Slick roads and frigid temperatures act as a negative incentive for going out, and we content ourselves with a cozy fire, a quiet dinner, a good book, a little jazz on WGLT.

Sometimes we even indulge in conversation. We don't talk about the kids or what we have to do this week-end. Instead we discuss politics, or where we'd go if time and money weren't issues. We talk about last week's eclipse of the moon, or why we prefer river birch to sycamores - things we don't talk about when we're busy. We look at each other differently as we talk.

So I wonder, since it's so much fun to indulge in these quiet pleasures, why do we wait til we're practically snowed in to enjoy them?

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