Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Indulgence and Luxury

This morning I indulged myself, and watched the sun come up.
Making time to watch stars fade as the sun washes over the sky is a luxury I usually forgo. There are too many things to get started on, I tell myself as I bustle around accomplishing my early morning routine.
Once in awhile, though, it's a good thing to just sit with a mug of hot coffee and watch morning come.
Today the moon was the thinnest sliver of crescent, hanging like an ornament between the branches of the sycamore. Dry leaves have caught in the big hostas, and a few leaves still litter the back yard. The yard is colored in the browns and bronzes and dull greens of late autumn, but the sky -- the sky was pink and orange and a thin rim of scarlet overtaking the blue of night.
Indulgence and luxury in the back yard -- what a way to start the morning!

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