Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Real Thanksgiving

What a wonderful Thanksgiving!
We used to drive ourselves crazy trying to make sure our kids didn't kill one another as they grew up.
“Someday you'll be friends with each other, and you won't want to be holding grudges for silly things you did to one another growing up,” we used to tell them as they rolled their eyes and stomped away.
We'd insist on apologies. We'd arrange opportunities for bonding. We'd talk and talk and talk about “how good and lovely it is when brethren dwell together in unity.”
As far as we could tell it wasn't making all that much difference.
Until they actually did grow up.
Now, they really are friends with one another. They enjoy getting together. As far as we can tell, while there is still a bit of occasional friction, they aren't holding any grudges too closely to their hearts.
Which makes family gatherings delightful, full of laughter, good conversation, and fun.
It was worth all the hard work, and then some.

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