Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Of Queens and Kings

It's been one of those weeks when every moment seems filled with things that need to be done.
This evening I had a long list: a little hand laundry. Clean the refrigerator. Write some Thanksgiving notes. Plan a Thanksgiving dinner menu. Read two chapters of Group Dynamics.
I didn't get any of those things done. Instead I got caught up in the PBS series on the British monarchy, specifically The House of Windsor.
What is it about royalty that so captures our imagination?
The palaces are lovely, and Queen Elizabeth resolutely good. I am amazed at the number of people it takes to enable the queen to do all the things she has to do. And she seems to really like people.
I think that's the thing -- she seems to really like people. That's reassuring, the idea that somewhere there's a King or Queen who really cares about the people s/he rules over, the people s/he serves.
I think there's something in us that looks for someone to honor. We want to look up to someone who consistently does the right thing, who is honorable and kind and good.
That's why a bad King or Queen is such a bitter disappointment. Not only do we have to deal with their evil deeds, but we have to cope with their dishonor. It's a shameful thing, in the most basic sense.
Queen Elizabeth has kept faith with her subjects, and deserves their affection and honor. It's a lovely thing to see.
It makes me think of the King we honor, the One who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the One who will reign forever.

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