Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back from Missouri

Driving back from Missouri this past Sunday, we found ourselves detoured away from the fast four-lane because of flooding. The detour took us through a part of that state we don't usually see, past fields thickly planted with corn and beans, past small towns busy with unexpected traffic, past farm houses neatly trimmed in sunflowers and shade trees.
As we drove, I thought about detours and how they become part of the trip. We didn't intend to swing through that part of Missouri but now those scenes will always be part of how I think about coming home from our first visit with our tenth grandchild.
Detours can be inconvenient and time-consuming but they also offer us a chance to see things we'd never go looking for.
Life is like that, I think. We find ourselves detoured away from what we'd planned, doing things we'd never thought of doing. Suddenly we find the detour is really the trip.
What detours have you taken lately?

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