Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mixed Thoughts . . .

A big thank you to all of you who took part in last week's Bookstack Blog Party! It's been fun to see what you all are reading!
Maybe it's just because I've been thinking about books all week or maybe it's just the season, but it seems as if a lot of people are into lists – lists of their favorite books, or the books that have influenced them most or even the most influential books of all times – so I think sometime soon, maybe in August, we'll have to have another Bookstack Blog Party in list form. Start thinking!


On a much more somber note, I came across a news story about the Taliban executing two women, and this morning I saw there's a link to photos on Compuserve. I didn't look at them; it was horrible enough to think of them existing.
The women were said to be prostitutes, consorting with American troops.
I am sickened at the thought of the Taliban given any authority, credibility or space to operate.
The first time I heard of the Taliban was on a television sit-com. Remember Seventh Heaven? We used to watch it occasionally while we lived in Dubuque when John was in seminary.
One episode involved the mom trying to persuade her daughters and other friends to picket somewhere because of the way the Taliban in Afghanistan treated women – this was before September 11.
I remember being indignant, and thinking “someone should do something.”
But I didn't.
As we know now, the Taliban is wicked. They insist women stay in their houses, often with windows painted black so that no man passing by would see a woman inside and be tempted into sin. Girls are not allowed any education, and women cannot go outside without a male escort. If there is not male family member to escort her, she stays inside.
If she is widowed she has two choices: prostitution or begging. Well – make that three choices. She can starve. Her children, too, unless she allows a male relative to take them.
And of course, the chador, that repressive fashion statement, also meant to protect Afghani men from the wiles of women.
Jesus said we should pray for our enemies, and on behalf of women everywhere – our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends – I am praying for these wicked men, that God would change their hearts, that they would be open to His Holy Spirit.
Failing their positive response to His initiative, I am praying for His justice for them.
Please join me in prayer.

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