Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Thrilling Day to Read!

It's grey and rainy this morning – not to mention humid! It's just the kind of day to sit on a porch with a tall chilled glass of lemonade and a good book.
Here are more suggestions!
My friend Joyce reports she “hasn't read much this summer,” but then says, “I enjoyed Sea Glass and The Spiral Staircase was interesting. I'm reading Sail by James Patterson. I read another one of his earlier this summer . . . I prefer mysteries. I'm enjoying Max Lucado's 3:16.”
Have you noticed that a lot of people who say they aren't reading much have long lists of books that they've read?
Meanwhile, Amy is reading Dying for Chocolate but doesn't remember the author. She says, “It's a little more in depth than the old James Patterson books I've been reading.”
I don't know – this seems like just the kind of day for a good mystery or thriller! Enjoy!

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