Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Speaking of Summer . . .

I don't mean to complain, but last night I was shopping in one of my favorite stores – the local Von Maur department store – and right around the corner from the discounted patriotic Fourth of July merchandise was a Halloween display, complete with scary witches, glittery pumpkins, and black bats.
It occurred to me that this might be part of the reason I feel so rushed most of the time – we rush the next season so much we don't savor the one we are in. The spring this year took its time and didn't rush, so we still have flowers in bloom. The evenings have been just right for lightning bugs' little lamps to light up the back yard, and the weather has warmed up to hot over several weeks.
Right now I'm enjoying the hot steamy weather we are having. Bright, loud thunderstorms seem just right for the season, and I love the way you can almost watch the corn grow. Garden produce is coming into the farmer's markets; strawberries are about done and we're waiting for local watermelon. We heard our first locusts the other night, right on schedule.
Why would we want to ignore summer when we've waited for it so patiently through the last cold, dark winter?
I don't want to miss out on August, with its back-to-school excitement, or early September with all its harvest promises and ripening change.
When we talk about savoring the moment, a far-too-early Halloween display hardly seems exciting in early July.
Just call me grumpy!


Christina said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS. That sort of thing just chaps my hide. I agree we rush things to much now and no longer savor the seasons.

Maybe we should start a campaign "Take Back The Seasons". No more halloween in July, no more Christmas shopping the day after halloween.

megs @ whadusay said...

I completely agree. I was in Hobby Lobby last week and they have all their fall decorations out. I wanted to file a complaint!! :)

Holly said...

One of John's favorite passages is the Ecclesiastes section about "a time for everything" -- I'm beginning to appreciate it more and more!