Friday, July 11, 2008

More Books . . .

It's hard to imagine a world where books were copied by hand, and so were incredibly precious and expensive. It is so easy for us to take books for granted! But we exchange ideas and stories and news so easily because we have books – and magazines and newspapers and brochures and online – let's hear it for the printing press!
More book reports are coming in. Angie reports she's been “reading a variety of things lately . . . including Good News About Injustice by Gary A. Haugen,” who is “the president of the International Justice Mission, and he writes about God's heart for those who suffer injustice.”
Angie says, “I am really enjoying it so far and look forward to finding out more things that I can do to be involved with bringing justice to the oppressed.”
Another book Angie is reading is Writer Mama by Christina Katz. Angie says, “This book is so informative. It has a lot of good ideas of ways to start a writing career while raising kids. It includes some helpful tips that I've already taken advantage of.”
Angie is also reading The Shack by William P. Young. She says “I heard about this book at my writing conference and how it is shaking the publishing world. It is a bit controversial but I found it to be a fresh perspective on where God is in the middle of suffering and how he helps us through hard times. I'm glad I read it, to check out the controversy and at the same time be encouraged.”
Nikki is reading Heaven by Randy Alcorn. She says, “I love it! It has really opened my eyes to how heaven might be and has definitely encouraged me to have more of an eternal perspective here on earth! We have such hope in Christ and this book even helps you visually imagine what heaven may be like, which is something we can joyfully anticipate and look forward to!”
Nikki goes on to report that “It has short chapters, so I can read one each evening before bed without falling asleep! It is awesome and I highly recommend it. It came highly recommended by my mother-in-law – who even bought copies to hand out as gifts!”
Nikki's observation fits in nicely with my friend Rosemary's criterion for a good book: It has to be something she can hold up in bed easily!


Lyn said...

I also want to recommend Gary Haugen's latest book Just Courage ( which talks about why restless Christians need to pursue justice for deeper transformation as well. Thanks for posting these recommendations up!-Lyn at IJM HQ

Holly said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Lyn!