Friday, July 11, 2008

Still More Books . . .

This may be far more about books than you were looking for, but the book reports keep coming in! At least none of it is required reading!
My friend Cheryl says, “Thanks for asking – I read different things in different rooms at different times of day!”
Now that's my kind of reader!
Cheryl goes on, “Here's the current list: in my bedroom: Captivating by Staci and John Elridge.
In my quiet time corner: The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer (reading that with a prayer partner.)
In my office: Winning with People by John C. Maxwill (reading that with my friend Jody)
In the bathroom: The Seven Conflicts – a marriage book by Tim and Joy Downs (Love to be reading that with Mike, hence the bathroom, but so far my bookmark hasn't been moved . . . )
I'm also in the midst of The Four Loves, by C.S. Lewis, whom I adore but have to be ready to chew on . . . sounds good to me right now . . .
Listened to one of my favorite books of all time (read it 3 times, passed it on to on-the-edge believers almost a dozen), Blue Like Jazz, on tape with my family en route to CO.”
Cheryl says she'd like some fiction to take with her to the beach . . .
Meanwhile Natalie says, “The last book I was reading was The Diana Chronicles; before that it was Blind Eye by James B. Stewart. It's a crime book about a doctor named Michael Swango who was actually murdering patients with different medications.”
Natalie, who works in a hospital, goes on to say, “Our pathologist is mentioned several times in the book because Swango was his student. This was back in the 70s . . . he actually bought me the book and signed it. I took a break halfway through because it's hard to read about someone like that . . . it's infuriating!”
She adds, “I'll pick it back up and finish it.”
Whether we take our time to read a book or read it over and over and over again (and then listen to it on tape!) it's clear that a good book engages us, mind and heart.

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